About Us

K9 Adventures is a dog daycare and training service that covers Ruislip, Ickenham and Northwood.  It was founded by Sarah Stevens in 2014 and over the years has expanded from dogwalking to  licensed 5* day care and home-boarding services.

The company and its staff are fully certified and insured, CRB checked and we can provide references. We have many years experience with dogs and like nothing better than to be out playing and having fun with them.

We want your dog to have the best experience with us, hence our daycare and boarding services are only for members of our K9Klub.  We know that consistency and familiarity is key to their happiness,  by being members only we can ensure this for your dog as they have a select group of friends, and we can provide the best care for them.


  • Home boarding licence
  • Fully insured
  • Dog first aid
  • Level 3 in home boarding and day care
  • Core stability for dogs
  • IMDT Qualified

Meet the team


Ultimate Crazy dog lady and workaholic,   makes it all happen and will go all out to make sure your best friend is cared for, even whe it’s last-minute late night emergencies!!  (Baby’s always seem to arrive at night!!)  Loves making sure they all get what they need, wether it is walks, puppy visits or mental stimulation/games/cuddles.

Organises  the walk schedules, staff, diary, training, paperwork and new dog assessments/trials.


Top van man!! Keeps us on the road and the vans in tip top condition.
Fixes everything that us girls and the dogs wreck!
Mr.Super-organised, dogs will always come home with the right lunchboxes and leads.

Can otherwise be found cuddling sausage dogs!


The crazy spaniel lady!!  Wherever there’s a spaniel she’ll be there!

Jade started out her career working with horses, then in a veterinary practice, so has a good understanding of animal behaviour.

Not afraid of hard work, bad weather or mud!


Young and energetic, Sam loves playing with the dogs and will have your dog hiking up the biggest hill he can find!  He takes our dog Darcy running regularly with him.

Angela Richards – K9Adventures Training Manager

Angela is qualified with the I.M.D.T (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and her special interest is working with puppies and rescue dogs.

Angela has helped develop our staff training scheme and is here to help with any issues you may be having through one to one consultations.  She loves all things scentwork and can often be found hiding things in the sandpit and around the garden for the daycares.

She runs our puppy training package and the training for daycares programme.  Her methods are kind, positive and confidence building.


A great apprentice,  Conar is really good at understanding the dogs’ needs and is usually found rolling round on the floor playing or talking to them!

He makes sure the dogs have everything they need at daycare, from clean water bowls to filling up the paddling pool and getting their lunch on time.