What do I need to provide?

For group walks your dog needs a well-fitting collar with id tag, we will use their harness if you use one.
We do not use extendable leads, we will use own our lead if yours is unsuitable.
If your dog needs breakfast or lunch whilst at daycare please provide this in a suitable labelled container, we return containers at end of each day.
Boarders need to come with enough food for the duration of their stay. Please note we are very active here at K9 Adventures and some dogs need a bit extra to maintain their weight, so it is always best to provide a bit extra, also in case of delays to flights etc.
We do not need bedding or bowls, for hygiene reasons we prefer to use our own, bowls are cleaned in the dishwasher after every meal and our bedding is washed weekly/as necessary with special pet-friendly detergents.
However younger/first time boarders are encouraged to bring a small blanket or comforter for home to help them settle.
We supply treats for rewarding/quiet time/bedtime snacks but we do go through a large amount so if your dog has any favourites please include them when they come to board.