We can provide puppy visits in your home at any age.
Puppies can begin daycare/boarding 2 weeks after having finished their initial vaccinations, but they are closely monitored, kept separate from older/bigger dogs to allow them to settle in and familiarise themselves with our setting. They have separate suitable play areas and equipment and will not join group walks until mature enough, this varies with each dog.
Puppies can usually join group walks around 8 months old, but it depends on their progress in training, confidence and maturity. We can do short individual walks to help them prepare for group walks until they are ready

For daycare and boarding all dogs need to be up to date with the core vaccines.
Kennel cough is now optional but recommended. Dogs must not have the kennel cough vaccine within 10 days of boarding as it is a live virus and your dog is contagious for the shedding period, around 10 days.

For group walks your dog needs a well-fitting collar with id tag, we will use their harness if you use one.
We do not use extendable leads, we will use own our lead if yours is unsuitable.
If your dog needs breakfast or lunch whilst at daycare please provide this in a suitable labelled container, we return containers at end of each day.
Boarders need to come with enough food for the duration of their stay. Please note we are very active here at K9 Adventures and some dogs need a bit extra to maintain their weight, so it is always best to provide a bit extra, also in case of delays to flights etc.
We do not need bedding or bowls, for hygiene reasons we prefer to use our own, bowls are cleaned in the dishwasher after every meal and our bedding is washed weekly/as necessary with special pet-friendly detergents.
However younger/first time boarders are encouraged to bring a small blanket or comforter for home to help them settle.
We supply treats for rewarding/quiet time/bedtime snacks but we do go through a large amount so if your dog has any favourites please include them when they come to board.

For group walks dogs are picked up and dropped off from their homes.
Timings vary depending on routes/traffic etc and for this reason we recommend you provide us with a key to enable us to collect/drop off your dog. If you do not provide us with a key then you need to ensure someone will be in when we pick up and drop off, times cannot be guaranteed due to traffic/routes etc.
We pick up and drop off from roughly a 3 mile radius. You are welcome to drop off and pick up daycares/boarders at prearranged times. Any pick up/drop offs that are not in our area or not on our routes/out of hours maybe possible but will incur costs for time/distance

Please give us a call or send an email to give us details about your dog, services required and your location, then if we are able to help you we’ll send out a registration and booking form, and organise a mutually convenient time to either visit you at your home (if it’s for puppy visits or group walks), or for you to visit our premises (for daycare or boarding).

We will organise a trial for your dog, but we do understand that some dogs need time to settle in to a new environment and assessment is always ongoing.

We are licensed for boarding by the London Borough of Hillingdon, with a 5-star rating which is the highest level (think 5-star hotel!)
All our staff are first aid trained and we all regularly participate in other canine training and courses, please ask if you’d like to see our training records.
All dogs are monitored for any unusual behaviour and/or physical changes and we keep owners updated regularly.
Dogs not suitable or comfortable with group walking can be catered for on individual walks.

We walk in a variety of places, for the dogs to have the most stress-free and relaxing walks we usually stick to quiet countryside areas where the dogs can unwind, have fun and enjoy just being a dog. We also have use of a secure 6-acre field, which is great for those that usually have to stay on lead to have some freedom, and great for new dogs and recall practice.

Once you are registered with us you will be able to book all services through our app. Through this you can select how frequently you wish to be invoiced (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and will automatically receive invoices with payment options on (bank transfer or sage pay). Details on how to use the app will be given out in our welcome pack.