Summer Workshops

Are you looking for something fun to do with your dog over the summer?

Do you enjoy learning new activities to improve your bond with your dog?

Then try out one of our summer workshops!

Foundation Skills

August 5th at 9am and 12noon.

Designed to equip owners with the fundamental basics needed to communicate effectively
with their dogs and build a strong bond through positive reinforcement training.

If you have not previously attended training classes with you dog, this 2 hour workshop is
an ideal and inexpensive platform to get you started, providing the knowledge and skills
needed to work more successfully with your dog.

The workshop will cover the following areas:

 Eye Contact
 Marker Training
 Enhancing response to commands such as responding to name and recall
 Basic handling, including lead awareness
 Building confidence with people, objects & other dogs

NB: Should you be interested in the other workshops advertised, the Foundation Skills is a
great springboard, from which you will be prepared to get the best benefits from the other
training workshops and classes offered by K9 Adventures.

Cost £50 (K9klub members £45)


August 12th at 9am and 12 Noon

Hoopers was designed to make dog sport accessible to dogs of all ages and physical abilities.
With little impact on joints, this ground level sport is suitable for both older less agile dogs
and younger dogs, including puppies that are too young for Agility.

The dogs and their owners are taught to work together as a team to navigate a series of
hoops, barrels and tunnels, whilst having fun.

As well as strengthening the owner /pooch bond and increasing obedience levels,
participating in Hoopers will also improve your dog’s body awareness and co-ordination
skills, whilst building confidence along the way.

For anyone interested in active fun for their dog, this 2 hour workshop provides the
perfect opportunity to turn your hand / paw to something new.

The workshop includes:

  1. Building confidence with Hoopers equipment (hoops, tunnels, barrels)
  2. Engagement – to improve the focus needed to follow physical / verbal cues
  3. Training

 Through hoops
 Through tunnels
 Around barrels
 Following direction from the handler to navigating a series of two or more
 Sit Stay in front of obstacles

Cost £50 (£45 for K9Klub members)

Surf School

August 19th 9am and 12noon

All in the name of fun but with a big focus on confidence building, place training and
developing balance.

NB 1: Your dog does not need to be s swimmer to enjoy this workshop!

Whether he/she loves water or avoids it like the plague, the activities are tailored to both
build confidence for those who are unsure and harness a degree of control for those dogs
who get too excited to be sensible.

This 2hr workshop is for you if…..

 You have a vision of your dog joining you for boating or water sports, then this will
open your eyes to the importance of proper preparation.
 You would like your dog to enjoy the water but still pay attention to you when faced
with their favourite pastime.
 You just want a laugh a minute

NB 2: Come prepared to get wet!


Surf Board Training
 Acclimate to surf board
 Place Training on board
 Positions on board (stand, sit, down)
 Duration on board
 -Surf Board positions (raised, tilted, moving)
 -Navigate surf board seesaw
 -Stay on surf board seesaw through movement

Water Training
 -Acclimate to paddling pools
 -Water play with focus breaks, permission & release cue

Combined Surf Board & Water Training
 Navigate surf board over paddling pool
 Stay on surf board over paddling pool
 -Stay on surf board with running water ( trickle, spray)
 -Navigate surf board seesaw into paddling pool

Cost £50 (£45 for K9Klub members)

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