UK Snifferdog Scent Work Classes

Why Scentwork?

Scent work is great for all dogs. Any dog, any age can take part. It is calming for high energy dogs, builds confidence in anxious dogs, and great for dogs that have cannot do lots of exercise but still need to be kept busy, such as recuperating or elderly dogs.

The classes are run by Pete Stevens, a UK Sniffer Dogs Silver level qualified instructor.

UK SNIFFER DOG’s aim, is to get more owners and dogs participating in Scent training, whether it be for Fun, Working or Assistance Dog Purposes. Whether you have done Scent Training Before or Not …UK Sniffer Dogs can give you a structure to your Indication Training and Search Plans. 

Saturday 6th January 2024

Bronze Scent Course Beginners – 9am

Continuation Scent Course – 10:30am

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Bronze Scent Course Beginners – 6:30pm

Continuation Scent Course – 7:45pm

Classes run for 6 weeks and are 1 hour long.

Cost for the 6 week course £175.00

In Bronze Beginners we will be Teaching a Freeze Indication, and Introducing the Dogs to Line Up Searches, on Pots & Pipes, and Searches on Chairs or Bags 

Once you have followed the programme to Gain Your Grading Certificate this allows you to move onto the next level of training.

Scent Detection Training has long been used widely for working operational and assistance purposes. Drugs, Bombs, Cash, Contraband, Human Bodies, Conservation, Medical Alert and Medical Detection.

We aim to give owners the skills to train & take part in Scent Training Activities with their dogs,  just like these the Working “Sniffer Dogs”!

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