K9 Adventures

Premier Doggy Daycare and Puppy Training Services Covering Ruislip, Harefield, Ickenham and Northwood.

Do you worry about your dog being lonely and bored when you can’t be with them?

Do you have a high energy dog that needs lots of mental and physical stimulation?

Are you a busy person that needs a reliable second family to be there for you and your dog?

Our mission is to support local dedicated dog owners with all aspects of their dogs’ life, using our years of experience to enable you give your dog the best life and have a happy partnership with them.   From puppy training, scentwork training and daycare we will be there for you.

Our daycare services are only available to members of our K9Klub.  This ensures we prioritise your dog, gives you peace of mind that they have a consistent set of friends and receive the best care.

Members are required to attend minimum of 4 times a month as consistency and regularity is the key to their happiness.  You can choose from Bronze, Silver & Gold levels depending on your needs.

For more information about our application process complete the details on our contact us page and we will send you a prospectus.

For details of our training services click here https://k9adventures.co.uk/puppy-training-classes-ruislip/